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Fashion is all about the change and a value addition to your personality but at the same time it is detriment to one’s budget. It also has a negative impact on our planet because there are so many fashion clothes that go wasted every year. Because they are designed in such ways that they cannot be used longer. This creates mess. Imitation Jewellery is not immune to this problem. It is  affected in such ways, like it gets tarnish and its colour gets faded away with the passage of time. That’s why it pollutes the environment every year.

When you buy 

Imitation jewellery for your lady love, be sure to buy something that lasts for life long. Just keep your self reminding to buy gifts for your loved ones is a kind gesture too itself.

These are types of jewellery that are frequently bought:


Pearls are always a good and open choice to wear. Pearls earrings are good to go with your daily wear and go for dinner dates and outings. In the time it is hard to find any other gem like this. They can be used to make earrings ,bracelets and necklaces. Here , have some look on our jewlery Dazzle Accessories collection.

2.Hoop Earrings: 

Hoop earrings are always in fashion. They do not go out of time. They can go with every type of casual and absolute attires. Hoops make your facial features more attractive. The simple smaller hoops just add fasinating addition to your beauty.

3.Chain Necklace and Bracelets:

As of right now, bulky chains are trendy but more delicate chains with smaller simpler hoops are more in fashion. They will stand the test of time. A delicate chain is one of the most versatile pieces of jewellery in anyone wardobe. Simple gold or silver chains go every well with your daily attire. Take a peek at our chain necklace collection.

4.Necklace and lockets

Necklace of all kinds remain quintessential accessories. Addition of pendant or locket takes a further step to your fashion game. Neck accessories are eternally popular. Shapes like heart, evil eyes and other makes the value addition to chains. For truly romantic gifts, locket necklaces are among best jewellery gift. Take a look at our Dazzle Accessories locket necklaces. 

5. Rings: 

As rings are most probably the ancident addition to jewellery. Engagement rings and wedding bands are deeply ingrained traditions of course.  Stacking rings are on a trend while still being classic designs. 

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