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Tips for Wearing Bangles

Bangles in Pakistan

Bangles are thought to be among the most crucial pieces of Pakistani Women closet.¬†Women of all ages like wearing bangles for adding feminine touches to their look.¬†Its a tradition to wear bangles on weddings. It shows the status of her marriage. Explore Different Types of Shapes There are a variety of bangles that are available […]

Exciting Jewellery items as a Gift

Jewelry can enhance your beauty. It also represents wealth as well as power and status. For many jewelry is a kind of self-expression and creativity. There are individuals who make jewelry part of their traditions and culture. Pakistani Jewellery is really cool and gives ethnic looks. What does jewelry mean to women? Women are enthralled by jewelry since it’s an […]

Types of Handbags in Pakistan

Tote Handbags There are plenty of trendy new bags available currently available which includes many fashionable designer bags that are getting popularity. There are many prominent trend in the making that deserves to be noted that is Tote bags. The big bags are everywhere in fashion collections. Tote bags in Pakistan are extremely popular this […]