What makes Afghani jewelry unique?

Afghani women frequently wear jewelry from their culture. Impressive headpieces, earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, rings, belts, and anklets are made using colorful glass jewels, coins, bells, dangles, beading, embroidery, mirrors, and vibrant fabrics. Afghanistan has no natural resources for silver or gold; hence most of the jewelry is set in alloys created by smelting used coins.

Afghan jewelry has distinguished itself from other sorts of jewelry and is rapidly rising in Favour. Every now and then, new designs are presented. The Afghani necklace, Afghani earrings, Afghani choker, Afghani jhumki, and Afghan jewelry sets are among the major categories of this vintage jewelry.

Women might be seen rushing to upgrade their attire with the newest styles of shoes and dresses. Only those who are attentive to the accessories should take the lead. If you enjoy antique jewelry, you’ve probably heard of the trendy Afghan jewelry.

Stunning Afghani Necklace

You can browse a wide selection of vintage Afghan chokers and bohemian malas. You can get distinctive choker designs by dazzle accessories. This Jewelry lasts a long time since it is antique. The metal is finely polished to prevent rust. The mala sets are adorned with vibrant designs. Some mala sets are decorated with afghani motifs, while others are made of seashells. In this assemblage, the unique coin-shaped motifs play a vital role. You’ll be completely perplexed by the stunning selection of chokers and Mala sets

Afghani Earrings

Traditional earrings can uplift your any outfit. Afghan traditional earpieces are equally good in summer and winter. These tribal earrings are light and easy to carry. These come in style of baali, jhumki, stud and dangles. Most of these earrings are hand crafted. For giving antique touch these earrings are oxidized polished.

The Afghani Jewelry include semi precious stones that make it stand out from the rest. Kuchi tribal earrings are also trending these days. Some of these earrings can be used on regular basis other ethnic statement earrings are designed for events.

Dazzle Accessories offers rare collection of these tribal afghan jewels at good price.

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