A complete guide on how to carry Eid bangles

During important occasions like Eid, women are naturally drawn to jewelry. They can scarcely imagine celebrating Eid without jewelry and makeup. There are many different jewelry items on the market right now, such as rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anklets, etc., but bangles, which are known in our community as “Churian”, are one of the most feminine jewelry products. The Pakistani Churian is famous worldwide. For generations, bangles have been a crucial component of traditional Muslim attire. On Eid, wrist adornment is just as significant as adorning your ears with earrings and your neck with lovely pendants. Women have been wearing bangles on their wrists as beautiful accessories for millennia.

A large range available to browse through

Eid bangles are available in a range of styles, materials, and hues. Often constructed of metal, glass, or plastic, they are embellished with elaborate patterns, vibrant stones, and sometimes even pearls. While some bangles are understated and sophisticated, others are striking and captivating. There are bangles out there that will perfectly match your Eid attire, regardless of your taste or style.

Advice about carrying Eid bangles

Acquiring the right size

There are a few considerations to make when carrying Eid bangles. First and foremost, it’s crucial to acquire bangles that fit your wrist properly. Bangles that are too loose will easily slip off, while those that are too tight will be painful to wear. With a measuring tape or just a rope wrapped around your wrist and a ruler, you may determine the size of your wrist.

Selecting the right style

Consider your styling options once you have the appropriately sized bangles. Bangles can be worn separately or piled for a more dramatic appearance. A single bangle on each wrist will work if you’re striving for a minimalist style. On each wrist, consider stacking numerous bangles in various patterns and colors if you want to create a statement. Aesthetic preference should be kept in mind.

Coordinating bangles with your attire

The color of your attire is a crucial consideration while adorning Eid bangles. It is recommended to use neutral-colored bangles, such as silver or gold, if you are wearing colorful clothing. If your dress is more understated, bright or bold-colored bangles can offer a splash of color to your ensemble.

 Confidence is the key

 Confidence is crucial when wearing Eid bangles. Let them express your individual style as you proudly wear them. Eid bangles are the ideal item to finish off your Eid costume and create a statement, whether you decide to wear one or stack them up. You should just follow your own style and break the barriers of the term “trend”. Carry them in a way that makes you feel pretty and confident.

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