Jewelry Styling Guide

Styling of jewelry can mostly be difficult sometimes. A deep understanding of the current trend is not sufficient for matching the suitable jewelry with your dress to align with your body shape. It deeply requires a creative imagination as it is a form of arm and therefore isn’t meant for everybody.

Nonetheless, since birth, every woman possesses the ability of every woman to dress. The best of dressing can be seen in anybody when in the mood of party. we’ve compiled a well comprehensive guide in helping you decide the choice of jewelry to wear depending on you body shape, dress and kind of occasion. Primarily, there are two things you should be aware of as explained below:

  1. Jewelry Type

In other for jewelries to stand out awesome when worn, one must follow the set of styles guidelines associated with it. Getting the right jewelry does not matter. What matters is the ability to perfectly matching it with the right outfit and body type.

Each item of jewelry is created to match a specific style. You could be so surprised to see a jewelry looks so good on a particular model but does not look good on you. This is do because, the styles of jewelries are perfected as a result of taking into account the neckline, occasion and skin tone, jewelries. Matching necklace according to the appropriate outfit creates a magical effect that suitably align with your dressing. It is also very important to match jewelry with your face shape. Stud earrings looks equally good on round and oval face types.

In considering fashion for women bracelets on the contrary although are more even-specific are one of the widely known jewelries. Depending on the location and event, every bracelet can suitably fit with various clothes. Avoid using a huge, hanging bracelets that can generate so much noise when going for work in order not to distract you from you work. Casual bracelets can be worn when intending for an informal look.

Outfit Type

Properly selecting the appropriate jewelry can simply make an item of clothes stands out amazing because each item of jewelry has a match-fit. A best match of jewelry for your outfit can easily been identified by carefully examining the dress to be worn. The style of costume (Western or traditional), work, border, neckline, color, and mostly importantly the event can be studied by working with the current trend of styling.

By employing a little creativity, each piece of jewelry although complements a specific set of outfits can also be mixed and matched. An example is in the case wearing a colorful stone pendant with a brittle white shirt for a formal office look which can also be worn with a long summer dress for a bohemian style on a beach trip.

An ethnic set of jewelry such as Pearl necklaces, Jhumkas, Kundan jewellery, meenakari jewellery, Yellow Gold jewellery, gemstones, and bangles can best be matched with dresses such as lehenga, kurti or saree in the case of wearing an elegant Indian traditional outfit. Oppositely, current fashionable jewelries such as tassel earrings, diamond or crystal necklaces.

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