Maintaining the Brightness of Zircon Jewelry

The most beautiful and underappreciated gem is Zircon jewelry. Many of its characteristics is as that of a diamond although it is much cheaper to afford. It has way been used during the ancestral period but however still remains to be considered one of the beautiful and appreciated jewels.

As in the case of other jewelries, special attention and upkeep is equally needed in ensuring it last much longer and shines brightly.

It Should Be Well Maintained

It is distressing to have invested so much money on zircon jewelry and at the end realize it doesn’t las longer as expected. However, to keep your zircon jewelry always shinning, there’s nothing like rocket science that cannot be done in making it look like new all the time.

Here are some pointers to help you maintain it looking pristine at all times:

  • Clean it regularly: Have a specific day schedule at least once in a month to just clean your jewelry making sure you keep to it. Frequently cleaning artificial jewelry on the other hand may cause damage.  Don’t be hesitant to contact your jeweler if the need arises to have it professionally cleaned.
  • Avoid storing it close to oils and moisturizers: The quality of your zircon jewelry can be degraded if kept anywhere close to oils and moisturizers. Similarly, don not wear you’re your valuable jewelry after applying a body oil on your skin or having a heavy later of moisturizer.
  • Do not use harsh cleaners: For specifically cleaning zircon jewelry, avoid using harsh cleaners and chemicals like bleach and chlorine. Rather, use specifically made mild jewelry cleaners and detergents for cleaning jewelries.
  • Use airtight Containers for storing: Jewelries’ worst enemies are air, water and humidity which is a more reason to get airtight containers that are widely accessible in the market for preserving your beautiful zircon jewelry. Make sure to return your jewelry to its original package as soon as you’re done using it.
  • Jewelries eventually somehow become dull and loose its brilliance regardless of how of hard we try to keep it in a good condition although it should be cleaned once in a while. Nevertheless, the frequency with which you clean it can be lessen by carefully keeping to the procedures mentioned above.

Make Sure to Maintain its Cleanliness

As a result of the sensitivity of zircon jewelry, keeping it clean can be a difficult duty. Below are three simple ways we’ve provided that will help you reduce your worry on how to keep your expensive zircon jewelry clean without compromising its brightness.

  • Soft-brush Method: Insert a bristle toothbrush into a lukewarm water dissolved with a mild detergent and use it to clean your jewelry gentle in order to avoid any harm. Use a soft cloth to pat it dry after rinsing in a clean water.
  • Soaking method: Immerse your zircon jewelry pieces toothbrush in a lukewarm water dissolved with a mild detergent for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse and dry your jewelry in a clean water and soft cloth respectively after reaching the immersion time stated.

Request assistance from a professional: It is necessary to seek the assistance of a jeweler if you in any way find difficulty or unable to clean your jewelry using the two procedures above. We offer after-sales services for any jewelry bought from Dazzle Accessories.

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